Izzymelon xx
Izzymelon xx преди 16 часа
who thinks she dating tanner / / / /
Jamie Edmonds
Jamie Edmonds преди 16 часа
He’s gross and wouldn’t deserve Addison in any reality. I’m glad she left him.
Veronica pantoja
Veronica pantoja преди 16 часа
TiTaNs MaKe Me HoRnY
TiTaNs MaKe Me HoRnY преди 16 часа
0:52 Excuse me mam what what was that 💀
Possibly Isa
Possibly Isa преди 16 часа
0:44 girl what are you doing LMAOO 0:53
arixia преди 16 часа
They couldn’t even do it on live Bec she had to auto tune it lol
Gacha Marie
Gacha Marie преди 16 часа
Addison Rae should not have been in Larray's Music video. She should have been the one cancelled.
Alfred Aguilar
Alfred Aguilar преди 16 часа
Ryan Ruvira
Ryan Ruvira преди 16 часа
This song is Trash
Alexa P.
Alexa P. преди 16 часа
“Tiktok star” how did we come to this😭
Vanessa Negrete
Vanessa Negrete преди 16 часа
Oof Paltrow is looking like the crypt keeper 😬
Shaniya Milan
Shaniya Milan преди 17 часа
This is kinder boring
Logan Sherrard
Logan Sherrard преди 17 часа
Bella’s song was actually pretty good but this is ass 😂😂
Isabella Rodríguez
Isabella Rodríguez преди 17 часа
HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO??!!???? Gwyneth Paltrow ??!!??!!
Brian Lam
Brian Lam преди 17 часа
No way
I simp for Conny
I simp for Conny преди 17 часа
Trying to hard
Xiao преди 17 часа
Why has every song from tiktokets been so stupid. Bella’s music vid has so much better lyrics and visuals and she’s just dancing like an idiotic
sara преди 17 часа
Notice how the dance is horrific but the background dancers slayed.
Stephanie Alvarado
Stephanie Alvarado преди 17 часа
Love you addison!!!
Stephanie Alvarado
Stephanie Alvarado преди 17 часа
Gaming Zone
Gaming Zone преди 17 часа
Addison , Jamoo love you
Adam Murray
Adam Murray преди 17 часа
The obtainable child intralysosomally interfere because industry therapeutically lighten opposite a dangerous food. idiotic, weak description
Edden Chloe Riaz Oosthuizen
Edden Chloe Riaz Oosthuizen преди 17 часа
my heels so high might get a nose bleeeeeeeeeeeeed ?? its a no for me
Jeydilee michelle
Jeydilee michelle преди 17 часа
0:43 wtf was that move?💀
ALIYA DAHIR преди 17 часа
Hi addi
Huma Ali
Huma Ali преди 17 часа
This is so cringe
Bridgette преди 17 часа
Bridgette преди 17 часа
Bridgette преди 17 часа
Addison I can’t do this rn
Bridgette преди 17 часа
what is this.
nhandi hoge
nhandi hoge преди 17 часа
Gosh this is SO cringe
min min
min min преди 17 часа
I want this deleted out of BGpost now lmao
Jesslyn X
Jesslyn X преди 17 часа
It’s actually pretty catchy but Bella’s song is better
alixsha преди 17 часа
ok but bella's made sense 💀
Fadoua Louariaghli
Fadoua Louariaghli преди 17 часа
Such a fabulous women libra gang🔥❤
shish kabob
shish kabob преди 17 часа
What is this 0:43 and this 0:53 😭💀
Dawuntun преди 17 часа
bella’s song compared to this
Mehtabs преди 17 часа
aight i’m FANGIRLING big time
tvrmelio ,
tvrmelio , преди 17 часа
Um no just go dance on ur phone and stop hanging out with REAL celebs
Bahtishahe преди 17 часа
bro the lyrics dont make sense. shes talking about being obssesed w herself but then talking about waves on the beach and her heels
Adil C
Adil C преди 17 часа
Did you hear my cover yet ?
Cel Tic
Cel Tic преди 17 часа
tbh _the tune_ of the song is fine but everything else from the lyrics, dancing, music video, even her facial expressions, etc are extremely cringe. holy cow
Andrew Estrada
Andrew Estrada преди 17 часа
this is actual trash lol even the beat sucked. tiktokers arent made for music
aadi wastaken
aadi wastaken преди 17 часа
this music is great! bella really showed a message :D
Sara Lopez
Sara Lopez преди 17 часа
Spencer преди 17 часа
I’ve been wanting to do this for so long! Thanks for the upload Addie☺️❤️
_Äłəxįß_ _Wıłłıãmß_
_Äłəxįß_ _Wıłłıãmß_ преди 17 часа
Lmao, it's like a civil war going on in the live chat. Some people are too hyped and some people are like "cringee". I'm sorry, but this song has a range of like 3 or 4 notes, I think you know what side I am on here. Most of the live chat is saying it's good, then you see the majority of the comments that talk about how they like Bella Poarch's video more or just dislike this in general. I'm sorry, but this is just not it, I'd have to agree with most of the comments all the way.
Maddie Corral
Maddie Corral преди 17 часа
Ur so cute
LillRiceGaming преди 17 часа
All I can say is it’s at least better than dixies 😭 Edit: nvm they’re equal on levels of trash
LillRiceGaming преди 18 часа
TOXIC преди 18 часа
The song u here walking thru the mall
Ashley Barias
Ashley Barias преди 18 часа
yo this is gass 🔥🔥 without the g
Happy_Gacha преди 18 часа
Then people wonder why I say music videos are the worst
Laylay Love
Laylay Love преди 18 часа
Bro like no hate but this is hilarious how you do tik tok dances and can't do choreography dances
Purple you
Purple you преди 18 часа
I don’t understand why people’s hate addison. She’s sooo pretty and kind.
tu tension mat le yaar funny
tu tension mat le yaar funny преди 18 часа
I am fed up with you
Roseory X
Roseory X преди 18 часа
I love Addison she's so sweet and inspiring and she always puts a smile on my face 😁
Jasmin Perez
Jasmin Perez преди 18 часа
She’s so bubbly!!!
Giovanni преди 18 часа
Get it Addison Racist get it 😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥵🥵🥵😡😡😡😡😩😩😩😩💖💞💞💗💗💗🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐 #WAP
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez преди 18 часа
This is so bad.
Lisa Myers
Lisa Myers преди 18 часа
Lisa Myers
Lisa Myers преди 18 часа
White privilege at its finest in this video 🤮🤮🤮
Sanai преди 18 часа
yeah Bella song was better than this.
Lolita Jadid
Lolita Jadid преди 18 часа
I- what's with the aggressive dancing? like i feel like all the dancing skills she had just magically decided not to be present during this video
ArcadiaTheFae преди 18 часа
Cara Idk
Cara Idk преди 18 часа
Some tiktokers should be banned from making music
Sjoerd Hoeijmakers
Sjoerd Hoeijmakers преди 18 часа
ok but how she thinks her b0()bs are: ⬛️ What her 7yr old fans think: ◼️ how they are: ▪️ (sorry for my grammar“
A & B
A & B преди 18 часа
Honestly I think this version is better than her mesic video
Maria João Azevedo
Maria João Azevedo преди 18 часа
this is just such a cute video ! <3
El mundo de magia
El mundo de magia преди 18 часа
She is so nice I love her my dream is to meet her
Irene Bae
Irene Bae преди 18 часа
Bella outviewed so fast
Jakadha Achong
Jakadha Achong преди 18 часа
Hi addison can you do eating 1 colour challenge for 24 hours
Legends Gaming
Legends Gaming преди 18 часа
Just no
Liberty Belle
Liberty Belle преди 18 часа
oh my, i'm so obsessed with Addison :3
Cherry Playz Roblox
Cherry Playz Roblox преди 18 часа
0:44 when i think there’s a bug on me💀
Irma Boroša Paleček
Irma Boroša Paleček преди 18 часа
Suddenly, anyone can sing
Brianna Harris
Brianna Harris преди 18 часа
This song is so bad
llSarall преди 19 часа
Dixie: Wants to be happy and was really really really sad for one day Lil Huddy: Is a 21st century vampire Nessa; Is in pain Jxdn: Well, no one cares about him Addison Rae: Is obsessed Bella: This aint build a bitch
Liberty Belle
Liberty Belle преди 19 часа
aww, Addison so cute n nice :3 luv ya, Addi <3